A united community at large, informed and organized,

lively, healthy and prosperous.



The Romanian-American Network's mission

is to provide a multitude of resources

in order to equip and motivate people and organizations,

so that together we may facilitate and advance

Romanian-American cooperation,

while continuously building bridges of communication

and strengthening relationships.


- to bring together and unite the members

of the Romanian immigrant community

in the United States of America and seek its advancement

into the mainstreams of American society;


- to identify, evaluate, develop, implement and promote

new links and resources

for the betterment of Romanian-American communities;


- to promote the understanding and continuity of cultural roots,

attempting to reflect and preserve traditions and values

of the Americans of Romanian origin;


- to cultivate an environment where creativity,

diversity and pride are valued and encouraged.



- the worth and dignity of each individual

- the priority of servanthood

- the practice of integrity

- the dedication and professionalism

- the accuracy of information

- the respect for multi-cultures

- the responsibility to educate



As a premier provider of diverse services,

we will respond to the needs of our multi-faced communities

by committing ourselves to do what is necessary

to earn everyone's respect and appreciation.


We will overcome challenges, question boundaries,

and continually progress in providing

tailor-made interactive programs

to fulfill the diverse needs of our communities.


We will not tire and we will not rest

until we become a trusted household name

and be a leading contributor addressing the present

and future challenges within our communities.


To accomplish our objectives,

we will continuously surround ourselves with the finest,

most honorable and most committed professionals,

people whom everyone can regard

not only as trusted friends, leaders and educators,

but as neighbors sharing our vision

for making a true difference in the communities we serve.