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Romanian-American Network, Inc.
Romanian-American Network, Inc.

Romanian Library and Cultural Center

The Romanian Library and Cultural Center of Chicago (RLCC) was opened officially on December 7th 2002, on the 7th Anniversary celebration of Center Focus Publishing, its main root in the Romanian-American community.

Having been active in the Romanian communities in various regions of the United States throughout the past 20 years, Steven and Simona Bonica, the founders of RLCC and Center Focus Publishing, came to realize the need for such a center in the Chicago area. It is well known than there are around 100,000 Romanian-Americans living in and around Chicago, of which less than a third are in close touch with the Romanian churches and organizations in the metropolitan Chicago area.

The RLCC is intended to be another vital link in the cultural life of the Romanian-Americans, while also giving an opportunity of network and exchanges to any individual or organization wishing to learn or come in contact with this ethnic group.

The RLCC is hosting interactive heritage quest events geared to challenge students from various schools to learn and write on Romanian topics. Public or private, any school is welcomed to our center for a fun day filled with fun activities. We’ve got qualified instructors and educators, most of which have a history of teaching, who can partner with you and assist you in getting the most out of this experience. We’ve got great prizes for the best of the students, too!

We also have an opportunity for Romanian-American senior citizens to get together and enjoy the amenities and ambiance that the RLCC offers. This is what we call the “Silver Generation Fan Club”. Chess and coffee, movies and popcorn, literature and tea are just some of the activities on our agenda. It is a great way to spend some time and make new friends. We also have occasional health related events when Romanian-American doctors get a chance to answer questions, offer a free consultation or free shots to our senior citizens.