Romanian-American Network, Inc.
Romanian-American Network, Inc.
Romanian-American Network, Inc.
Romanian-American Network, Inc.

About Romanian-American Network, Inc.




The Romanian-American Network Inc. (RANI) is an independent not for profit organization incorporated in the state of Illinois.

Steven & Simona Bonica

This corporation is organized to conduct activities for the following purposes: creating and implementing cultural, educational, economical, civil and social networking among and between Romanians and Americans as well as Romanian-Americans, while attempting to also provide charitable and benevolent programs.

Romanian-American Network Inc. was founded by Steven and Simona Bonica, proud Americans of Romanian origin, with the assistance of other generous and dedicated Romanian-American professionals.

Our operations office and headquarters are established in the Chicago area, in the village of Niles, at 7847 N. Caldwell Avenue, Unit D. Our main telephone number shall be (847) 663-9690.



Our logo loops together the Romanian flag representing the country of our heritage, the American flag representing our country and our citizenship, and the head of an eagle representing strength, perseverence and high goals, enclosed in a circle representing unity and closeness. Our logo shall also incorporate on the lower part our main website address: www.Ro-Am.NET. At times it may contain the full name of our organization on the upper part, or it may include the statement: "United we stand!".


A united community at large, informed and organized, healthy and prosperous.


The Romanian-American Network's mission is to provide a multitude of resources in order to equip and motivate people and organizations, so that together we may facilitate and advance Romanian-American cooperation, while continuously building bridges of communication and strengthening relationships.


- to bring together and unite the members of the Romanian immigrant community in the United States of America and seek its advancement into the mainstreams of American society;
- to identify, evaluate, develop, implement and promote new links and resources for the betterment of Romanian-American communities;
- to promote the understanding and continuity of cultural roots, attempting to reflect and preserve traditions and values of the Americans of Romanian origin;
- to cultivate an environment where creativity, diversity and pride are valued and encouraged.


- the worth and dignity of each individual
- the priority of servanthood
- the practice of integrity
- the dedication and professionalism
- the accuracy of information
- the respect for multi-cultures
- the responsibility to educate


As a premier provider of diverse services, we will respond to the needs of our multi-faced communities by committing ourselves to do what is necessary to earn everyone's respect and satisfaction.

We will overcome challenges, question boundaries, and continually progress in providing tailor-made interactive programs to fulfill the diverse needs of our communities.

We will not tire and we will not rest until we become a trusted household name and be a leading contributor addressing the present and future challenges within our communities.

To accomplish our objectives, we will continuously surround ourselves with the finest, most honorable and most committed professionals - people whom everyone can regard as not only trusted friends, leaders and educators, but as neighbors sharing our vision for "making a true difference" in the communities we serve.


Steven V. Bonica - President / Executive Director
Simona J. Bonica - Vice-President / Director of Education Affairs
Teofil Gherman - Vice-President / Director of Publications
Liana M. Bonica - Treasurer / Director of Finance
Mirela G. Bonica - Secretary / Director of Administration
Oana L. Gherman - Director of Cultural Affairs
Alexandra Szakacs - Adm. Secretary / Director of Public Relations
Gabriel Szakacs - Director of Marketing
Iuliana Blumenfeld - Director of IT Communications
Petru Amarei - Director of TV Communications


All financial operations of the Romanian-American Network Inc. adhere to ethical and generally accepted accounting principles. Annually, all accounting records are submitted to an independent public accounting firm. Financial statements are prepared in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles.

The Romanian-American Network Inc. strives to conduct management of its resources and financial controls in such a manner as to conform to principles of good stewardship and responsibility. Resources (nationally and internationally) are used to accomplish the tax-exempt purposes for which they are designated or intended.

Fundraising activity is conducted with a high standard of integrity and with respect for the donor. Our fundraising policy is to clearly present the projects and the needs related to the ministry of the Romanian-American Network Inc. ensuring that resources received are used for the purposes for which they were raised. If the case may be that more contributions are received for a project than the amount needed for that specific project to be effectively accomplished, then the additional funds may be used to meet the needs of a similar project in the same field or scope.

Conforming to ethical standards and in order to protect the privacy of our donors, all personal and financial information is kept secure. No information including mailing lists and individual donation history is sold, rented, or exchanged with any individuals or organizations. We adhere to strict standards in order to insure the security of our lists of friends and supporters.


Organized in six departments, the Romanian-American Network Inc. aims to take on challenges and set goals based on projects clearly defined. In partnership with other organizations, businesses and individuals, RANI intends to attend to the needs of the Romanian-American communities, while also attempting to observe and respond to various needs outside of United States in the country of origin, as RANI's Executive Board may see fit.

Center Focus Publishing
Romanian Library & Cultural Center
Romanian Books, Music & Gifts
Romanian-American Media Network
Romanian-American Business & Trade Network
Romanian-American Outreach & Aid


In the mid 1980's, on separate instances without knowing each other, Steven Bonica (born Vasile Stefan Bonica) and Simona Julia Oprea immigrated to the United States as teenagers with their families, escaping the Romanian communist dictatorship. They met in a Romanian-American church in Chicago in summer of 1987, and later that same year they got married.

In the fall of 1987 through summer of 1990, Steven and Simona, with the help of other individuals, churches and organizations, began assisting Romanian refugees in their resettlement process in the Chicago metropolitan area. From simply filling out petition forms for immigration purposes to renting apartments for the new comers, Steven and Simona have committed themselves to providing assistance to those in need seeking to flee from the Ceausescu's totalitarian regime. Noteworthy is Steven's partnership with the InterChurch Refugee and Immigration Services and the World Council of Churches.

Following the Romanian Revolution of December 1989, doors have opened and new hopes were in the hearts of most Romanian-Americans that longed to re-establish relationships with relatives and friends in their native country. In summer of 1990 Steven and Simona began volunteering for a charitable Romanian-American organization in Chicago for the purpose of raising donations of clothing, food, medical supplies and equipment as well as finances for the orphans and elderly in Romania , while continuing to assist newcomers in their resettlement efforts.

Four years later, Steven and Simona's network and community outreach took a new direction for serving in the Romanian-American community of Chicago, as doors of a new private school opened in Chicago, in August 1994, founded by a group of generous Romanian-American professionals. This non-denominational Christian oriented institution was created to provide the community an alternative to the public school system, while implementing Christian beliefs throughout all science and history related courses, offering the academic courses in compliance with the educational standard of the National Association of Christian Schools. Since its opening, Simona still teaches at the Norwood Park Christian School, while Steven continuously assists the Principal and the School's Board of Directors with marketing and public relations.

In summer of 1995, Steven and Simona established Center Focus Publishing, a Romanian-American publishing house, for the scope of producing promotional materials for Norwood Park Christian Schools and other Romanian-American organizations and businesses. Within the course of the years, Center Focus Publishing has brought together Americans and Romanians through several recognized publishing projects, building bridges of communication and cooperation between communities and businesses, educators, community and religious leaders. Noteworthy are the following:

- Center Focus Annual Review
  (published yearly since 1995 through 1998)
- Romanian-American YELLOW PAGES
  (first published in 1999 with updated editions every 18 months)
- Romanian Impact Magazine
  (monthly publication launched in January 2001)
- Romanian Tribune Newspaper
  (bi-weekly newspaper launched in January 2002)

As years have passed and the network has grown, Steven and Simona Bonica have decided that it was best to incorporate their network and call it just that: Romanian-American Network, Inc.

Thus, with the assistance of other generous and dedicated Romanian-American professionals, the Romanian-American Network Inc. (RANI) was incorporated in 2002 in the state of Illinois, as an independent non-profit, non-political and non-denominational organization.

In January 2004, the Romanian-American Network, Inc. has taken a broader path by receiving in its proprietorship all assets of well known graphic design and advertising agency C.M.M.C. Ltd. (Communications Marketing and Media Concepts, Ltd.), previously owned by the Bonica brothers: Liana, Mirela and Steven. Since then the Romanian-American Network, Inc. is more able to fulfill its mission and reach even higher achievements.